The power of a cyan water system main god,A crimson fire is the power of the main god,A thick power of the big landlord god,The divine body surrounding Wright begins to revolve。

“Wow~”Countless earth elements、Water element and fire element begin to converge。
It is not easy to open up the plane of God,It takes a hundred years to gather enough power of the main god。But condensing the power of the main god only needs to separate a trace of consciousness,Wright can fully condense the power of the main god,While comprehending the law。
Hundreds of years passed in a flash。Wright’s body has already gathered the power of the main god like the ocean。
At the same moment,Abruptly,Three thousand meters long python-like khaki、green、The fiery red river shrank sharply,It turned into three huge water balls in an instant,The three main gods appear here separately‘water polo’center of,The main power‘water polo’Trembling quickly,At the same time, the terrible energy continuously shatters the surrounding space。
Three water balls compressed to the extreme,Burst open。
“This is‘Break the ground~’”There was a glimmer of understanding in Wright’s heart。
The void explodes constantly,Space cracks can’t see the end at a glance。
The main divine power of earth, water and fire exploded。Spray in three directions around。
This god plane is not simply formed by the power of the main god。
“Rumbling~~~”Earth element、Water element、Fire Element,Start gathering under the guidance of the power of the main god。The power of the main god is like the commander of the army,And ordinary elements are like soldiers。The range of elements formed by a drop of the power of the main god,Not even smaller than the size of the Magnolia mainland。
Power of the Lord God,The explosion spread more than 100 million miles。