“I won’t talk about other things for now,But here,I feel more and more,Chu Tianxing is looking for death here。”

Ye Xuan takes time,Checked the strength of the Chu family。
Actually, if you investigate other families,You don’t need to consume points at all。
of course,These can only be investigated,The most basic thing。
If it is more unpredictable,It’s not easy to investigate。
but,Ye Xuan is actually,I don’t particularly care about these things。
“All right,Actually now,These things,Almost solved!”
Ye Xuan looked far away,It’s more mobile muscles and bones,There is a kind of unspeakable pride deep in my heart。
After all now,If you really start from this aspect。
So don’t think about anything else for now。
But Ye Xuan has discovered the goal this time。
Chu Tianxing is very arrogant,It’s the same no matter where you go。
“Whoops,Isn’t this that kid,Why are you here?”
When Chu Tianxing looked at Ye Xuan,Proud of the corner of the mouth,It goes without saying。
But in front of,Ye Xuan looked at Chu Tianxing in front of him,Smile faintly。
“How about you,Come here to die?”
Especially when I heard the death,Those bodyguards around Chu Tianxing,Is very angry。
Now,These people jumped up,Came to Ye Xuan,A look like he’s going to attack Ye Xuan at any time。
but,Chu Tianxing waved his hand。
“you guys,So what’s in a hurry,In this case,What to do if he is scared?”