Two people get in the car,Xia Jian smiled and asked Fang Fang:“where are we going?Is it tea or coffee?It’s too late for dinner anyway,I believe you can’t eat it”

“Alright!Let’s have tea in your office at Yijuyuan。Where I have been to once,Good environment,Where i like”
Fang Fang smiled slightly,Suddenly made such a suggestion。
Xia Jian of course readily agreed to this suggestion。So the two drove to Xiao Xiao’s office in Yijuyuan。
Xiao Xiao is quite individual。She renovated a duplex room into a two-story office。This floor upstairs,Except for a bedroom and bathroom, there is a large living room。It is said that the living room is actually the office,Because sitting on the sofa,You can chat while drinking tea,You can also work at the same time。
Once in the door,Fang Fang went to the shoe cabinet and found a pair of slippers to put on,Then lie down on the sofa very generously,Looks extremely relaxed。
Xia Jian boiled the water,Find a good pack of tea from the drawer of the coffee table,And started learning to make Kung Fu tea。For the tea ceremony,Xia Jian often drinks,But the specific operation is still a layman。Fang Fang, who was lying reclining, couldn’t help seeing Xia Jian’s clumsy appearance.。
“Oh, Mr. Xia!It seems that tea should be done by us people!”
Fang Fang said,Turned over and got off the sofa,And then took the wooden clip in Xia Jian’s hand,Then he moved skillfully and started to make tea。
Xia Jian lying on the sofa,Seeing Fang Fang’s skillful tea making technique,Can’t help but ask:“When did you learn it?”
“The past two years!Old man is getting older,Sometimes making him a cup of tea is also my honor。Recalling when the self-motivated years did not listen to him,I really regret looking back now!”
Fang Fang sighed,Put the hot teacup in front of Xia Jian,Then start pouring tea。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“If you are a good girl,Would never go to work in a startup group,Then how do we meet?”
“Actually don’t know。You said we met,How much trouble you caused me?”
Fang Fang suddenly said something sad。
Xia Jian understands what she means,So I didn’t continue to talk about this topic。He quickly smiled and asked:“I want to rebuild the entrepreneurial group,Do you think it is feasible?”