But the high ocean has been laughing and not speak,Nothing。

This makes Gao Baoyi punches in cotton.。Waiting for him to leave the palace,But see the palace outside the sky,Dendrites,His two sons are in the outskirts of Yucheng.。
Waiting for the high Bo Yi to ride the horse to go out to teach the two unfilgrine,But I saw my wife and wife pulled his sleeve.,Don’t let him go out。
The most critical information,Which two sons are playing“Armed parade”,It is not a little clue.。
When he woke up,Day is already bright,Gao Biyi found himself cold sweat。This dream,Let him have a bad sense,How much people,I’m going to take a job.。
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However,At this time, it is obviously not to think about this kind of thing.,There is still a long time in front of the road.,At least ten years after the successor is。
But this also gave a wake up to Gao Bao.。He is coming from later generation,It is the stone in the pit,Don’t catch a cold home。However, his son daughter,But I can’t get rid of this strange circle。
Become the owner of the remote control,Or is it a doll that is placed by the family,There is always one out between the two.,It is impossible to set out。
Now he will,Yang Su、Li Delin and others,All is the family,Put the wrong festival between each other,A little accidentally,That is finally the event。
Your governance has to rely on these people.。
“Why do you know?”
Gao Biyi shouted a sentence。
“Large manager,What is the command?。”
Leaders come in and ask。
“You go to Yang Su,Let him organize it,Concentrate all the prisoners。”
Time I want to start??Gao Zhaoxue finally wanted to kill the ring.。
Lead of the heart, this weird thought,This is like this.,A pure beauty woman,Finally, I have to go on the way,Going outside fishing kay。
After the soldiers go out,Gao Baoyi is long。
He doesn’t know how to think,Probably guess。Some hidden rules are good,Habit,Have the soil of his existence。
Six towns in Xianbi so many people,Organizing it is a powerful forion, how do you want to pay??Rift,Is the easiest way,This is not only Gao Bo Yi and Yang Su can see it even.。
Everyone is waiting for him that the three army coach makes it decided that others will not be soft and have a bad name.,Only Gao Baoyi is one,Top plots plus Yang Su, etc.“Gain”。
Take a short while,Yang Su action is rapid,Dumbleman will focus on tens of thousands of prisoners to the row of the rules of the gods in the gods.。At first glance, this game, you know that Gao Baoyi and others are not well.。
But they are actually awkward,I am only afraid that I am very difficult for home.,Even if this war wins, I am afraid it is also a small tragedy.,What’s more, what is lost??
Surrounded by these people,It is a goddess who is strictly in armed to teeth.!Wrap the whole site,More peripheral also patrol cavalry team。
Don’t say that only tens of thousands of people,Even more than 12 million people are here,I am afraid that it is difficult to escape a few people.。
“Allocate,You must think,I am a high person,Will you learn white and Xiang Yu,I will kill all you。”
Gao Bao is holding a megaphone“Iron speaker”,Stand above the high platform,Training a captive。
His words,A burst of turmoil below,But still good,I didn’t have any messy。
“Honest,I won’t kill you all.,Because you are also people,You also have parents and brothers。I don’t divide you, kill you.,So parents lose their son,Son lost his father,Wife lost her husband。These responsibilities,Will be on me,So this kind of thing I can’t do.。”
Gao Baoyi said,The following war is tone。