but,This dormant and cultivating day,End soon。

Chapter Six Primordial Star and Breakthrough
Primordial star,A very special place in the primitive universe。
to be exact,Original star foot10081Pieces,All the same size,The diameter is about1Hundreds of billions of kilometers!This is a very special area in the universe。
First of all,The spatial fluctuations on the entire primordial star are completely stopped—More than just banning the teleportation of the king’s god,Even the Lord,Even the Lord of the universe cannot teleport here。At the same time, the Kingdom of God Teleport cannot be used。
Secondly,There is invisible space oppression inside the primordial star,Like a treasure in the field,Ordinary gods cannot enter at all。
And most importantly,Primordial Star is a place where treasures gather。
A lot of treasure、Zhongbao could be here10081Born out of primordial stars—Why is it difficult to refine the treasure??Although the strong have more treasures,However, competing for treasures from the original stars,It’s easier to refine than a master who refines treasures—Of course the danger is greater。
Every time the original star opens,Has attracted countless strong people fighting and fighting。
It is said that,Open to end every time,At least ten thousand cosmic venerables have fallen。
To know,There are no more than ten thousand sages of the universe,Although the specific number is top secret,But after a little inference, I know,Human beings1008Universe country,Plus those within the five major forces,There are thousands of venerables。
of course,Billions of races in the universe,The total number of nobles is far more than the six pinnacle races。
A god like a giant golden horn,Unleash amazing fields,Constantly blocking the white shuttle behind him from approaching。
Luo Feng breaks through the universe,Venerable Tianhua Liwei who wants to kill the monster race,However, he did not expect that Venerable Tianhua would have a high-level flying palace。
Can’t kill a wolf,Luo Feng had to implement the backup plan,Really have a fight with the aliens of the universe。