[Smog affects reproductive ability]

[Smog affects reproductive ability]

The haze has appeared in many cities in recent years. The appearance of haze means that the air here is extremely bad.

The haze is also very harmful to the human body, so many people walking on the street wear their own masks, as much as possible to inhale harmful substances in the air.

Studies have shown that smog can affect fertility. If you don’t believe it, then read on.

Because there are many harmful substances in the smog, it is very harmful to the human body.

Not only has an impact on fertility, it will cause a series of problems in other organs.

It is hoped that various places can consider the impact of smog on the human body.

The effects of haze on reproductive urinary system haze on semen quality are mainly manifested in the later stage.

The inhalable substances in the haze enter the human blood circulation and will gradually accumulate on various organs of the human body, including the scrotum of semen factories.

In addition, since the reproductive urinary system is a metabolically transformed tissue of the human body, when the particles absorbed by the outside world enter the human blood circulation, the first thing to deal with is the genitourinary system, which will cause some genitourinary system diseases, leading to renal failure, uremia,Less sperm, abnormal sperm, benign prostatic hyperplasia, etc.

Other effects of smog on the human body: 1.

It has become the consensus of most people that the lung haze has the greatest impact on the respiratory system.

The maximum distance between the respiratory system and the external environment, and the contact area exceeds that. Dozens of atmospheric particles can directly enter and adhere to the human upper and lower respiratory tracts and lung lobes, and most of them will be inhaled by the human body.

As a result, the haze weather results in the attenuation of near-surface ultraviolet rays, which can easily increase the activity of germs in the air. Fine particles will “bring” bacteria and viruses to the deep respiratory system and cause infection.


Sad Harvard School of Public Health proves that alternating particle sizes in haze days can cause myocardial infarction, which can cause myocardial infarction or damage.

The United States investigated 2.

50,000 people with heart disease or a bad heart found PM2.

5 After an increase of 10 μg / m3, the patient mortality rate will increase by 10%?


The wounded blood vessels are toxic in the air and the air pressure is low, which can easily induce the acute attack of cardiovascular disease.

When the fog is heavy, the water vapor content is very high. When people are outdoors and exercise, sweat is not easily discharged, which causes people with chest tightness and increased blood pressure.

Moreover, the dense fog weather pressure is relatively low, people will have a feeling of irritability, blood pressure will naturally increase.

In addition, in foggy days, the temperature tends to rise, some high blood pressure, coronary heart disease patients suddenly walk from the warm room to the top of the cold, blood vessels thermal expansion and contraction, and also cause blood pressure to rise, leading to stroke, myocardial infarction.


Skin damage also has respiratory function. In clean air, the skin will be comfortable and moisturized, but if it is in a very dirty environment, the skin will be very uncomfortable.


Brain haze and even damage to organs affect the nervous system invisibly.

Zhong Nanshan once introduced that there will be an object in the 65th American Geriatrics Society, PM2 in the air.

5 If 10 micrograms per cubic meter is added, human brain function will age for 3 years.

Through this article, let us know the impact of haze on reproductive capacity. No matter where the haze occurs, we should be aware of it, because the haze can harm the internal organs, which is very scary.
The occurrence of smog is mainly affected by people’s activities, as long as everyone loves nature and protects the environment.