Li Ming’s high spirit and will,Instantly suppressed the instinctive fear,The two protection methods hit the bloody ocean。

《Liangyi Protective Array》,A shocking array formed by seven hundred and twenty sword auras,Intrinsic time and space,Lead the differentiation of the Scarlet Ocean,A layer of void in the shunt。
However, the pressure of Scarlet Ocean is too strong,This cascading void can only temporarily trap the sea of blood for a moment。
At the same time, Wanjie mixed cave sand surrounds the whole body,Power of Chaos,Hard Anti Scarlet Ocean。
The scarlet ocean devours, corrodes and destroys!
The sand of the world crushes and destroys resistance!
Tithe time!Sword Qi dissipated,The white jade fairy sword shrank quickly and flew to Li Ming’s body week,Spiritual loss。
Two tenths of interest time!The sands of the world collapse,Li Ming’s painstaking practice of the secret technique is completely exhausted,Although it won’t be necessary to practice again,But it will also cost a lot of chaotic spirits to cultivate and breed。
Three tenths of interest time!Li Ming holds the Eternal God Soldier Hunyuan Cave Sky Spear in both hands,The eternal magic weapon on the body surface is agitated,The world of heart surrounds God week,will《Heart Array Spear》To the extreme,Three forces in one bombarded the bloody ocean。
Face this blow,The bloody ocean is a little thin,But still entangled。
Li Ming’s eternal magic weapon, feather light and dark silk robe also dimmed,At the same time, the bloody energy that had been thinned by several percent began to penetrate into Li Ming’s body。
Golden light on the body surface,《Golden statue》Supernatural power,The ultimate world,The strength comparable to that of the Tao’s best magic weapon began to counter the corrosion of this blood energy。
of course,This bloody energy is quite restrained to the supernatural powers of the body,One breathing effort is enough to destroy Li Ming’s main battle deity,At that time, Li Ming will have to work hard to cultivate this clone again from the clone of the Three Realms.。
but,The Scarlet Ocean can’t last that long!
The core of Thousand Sage Sect,The fat old man with white hair and white beard is full of anger on his usually amiable face。