Jin Xijie is exported,Everyone is also curious to look at Li Mei and Lu Changsheng.。

Li Mei naturally doesn’t have to say,Toward,That temperament is convenient to attract everyone’s eyes,Especially the value is not a general woman.。
Lu Changsheng is a sense of calmness.。
Plus Jin Xijie’s attitude,The scorpion and others are also afraid to have any objections.。
“Golden boss,You won’t let us come,Then I don’t do it.?”
Li Mei was so sayingmed by Jin Xijie.,It is also some unhappy.。
She is working with Jin Xijie to look at the face of Li Hui Feng.。
But it doesn’t mean on the face of Li Hui’s style.,Just let Jin Xijie use。
Jin Xijie heard Li Mei,Also a glimpse。
I immediately laughed:“Brother,You can don’t misunderstand,I am not there any ability?!You are coming,I feel that everything is grasped.!”
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-seventh chapter Dispatch
“Giggle,You said that prove is that we are stronger than you.?”
Seeing Jin Xijie’s anxious look,Li Mei is also a glimpse,Understand that Jin Xiger is really not,Otherwise it will not be so。
But in order to test one,Look at the other party is not really acting,Then I flicker her with the landlord,She decided to look at it.。
“Hey-hey,Definitely!So say so,I only cooperate with people from me.,Weakly unless there is feelings,I will not go to cooperate without my feelings.!”
“That,Since you want to give this matter to us,Then these brothers under your hand can also use it.?”
Li Mei looked at these people,It is also because she thinks she has just been in the magic.,At that time, she was like Jin Xier.,Every day, I will mix with a group of people.。
It can be said that the last is not a strong opponent like Li Hui Feng.,Not the direct design of the Li family’s internal direct design,She is now in the magic, it is definitely the first.。
But because I have encountered Li Hui Feng.,Then I encountered Li Jia’s very unreasonable way.,Otherwise, how can she easily admit defeat?。
Think here,The fire in her heart seems to be the same as burning.。
After all, Li Hui is now a lineup.。
If you can kill the demon again,She believes that even the old antiques of Li Jia,She also has the ability to call the opponent.。
Jin Xijie did not expect Li Mei to ask such a problem.。
After all, these are his brothers.,But if these brothers have listened to Li Mei.,Then he is not empty.?
A little hesitation,He looked at the scorpion and others.,Straightforward:“become,Scorpion,My brother and my brother are my words.,You have to obey unconditionally,Work like me。”
“certainly,There is a little, you can rest assured,My brother and my brother will not bother you.,And, if you find you,It is definitely a big event。”
Seeing Jin Xijie,Li Mei is also laughing。
“Golden boss,It can be said,Apleged enough,Row,Since you have said so,I’m not welcome.。”
“And since we are here,So your business is our matter.,I solved you.。”
“Say,This time should be so simple to open the entertainment venue.?
Learn about you,You are not the kind of people who have a trouble of finding people in the openout.,It should be amburoped.?”
Li Mei is exported,Jin Xijie has a change in his face with other younger brother.。
No one thinks that Li Mei is so powerful,It’s already possible to guess all by it.。
And guess is still very accurate。
“Hey-hey,Brother,Since you guess it,Then I don’t want you.。”
I immediately said something I met.。
I heard Jin Xijie finished,Li Mei is also a willow frightened。